About Us

Coral Sea Kayaking is owned and operated by David Tofler and Atalanta Willy.  Since the very early 90’s Coral Sea Kayaking had been our dream.  We honed our wilderness and adventure guiding skills in various destinations around the world, including cultural and adventure tours in northern Thailand, white-water rafting and hiking in the wild regions of north eastern Turkey, sea kayaking expeditions and white-water rafting on the Zambesi, Omo and White Nile rivers in Africa.

In early 1998 we returned to Tropical North Queensland to establish this dream in Mission Beach. Over time we have chosen a small team of dedicated guides, all of whom have many years experience wilderness guiding worldwide and they all consider Hinchinbrook and our neighbouring islands as uniquely special.

Together we offer an impressive range of wilderness and sea kayak guiding skills:

  • Excellent on water skills and experience to provide you with great confidence, and a handy range of tips, advice and encouragement to ensure you thoroughly enjoy your time paddling.
  • A wealth of knowledge and understanding of our beautiful and sensitive local marine and island ecology, including our spectacular marine wildlife.
  • Wilderness cooking that will knock your socks off!   We are great (and I mean GREAT) camp cooks.  We will not burn the island’s delicate vegetation on a campfire, but we promise to provide you with the best meals you’ve ever eaten whilst wilderness camping.
  • Our combined years of experience means you are in extraordinarily safe hands.  We have all done many first aid courses including wilderness/remote area first aid.  We make sure we are always abreast of all changes in first aid care and although we don’t like to brag about it we have all had a fair bit of hands on experience too,
  • With the most of the important stuff covered we can also ensure with our colourful past’s, that we have a massive array of adventurous stories to tell.

We are proud to offer great sea kayaking adventures that are a wonderful way to escape from your everyday and enjoy nature at its most beautiful.  We hope to bring a greater awareness and understanding of the beauty and wonder of these stunning island groups and the largest marine park in the world that surrounds them.

Green credentials

We strive to offer ecologically sound tours into areas of stunning natural beauty.  We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to offer our trips in one of the most idyllic and unspoilt sea kayaking destinations, not only in Australia, but worldwide.

The footprint we leave behind whilst on the islands are exactly that, only footprints.  We also do everything we can to ensure that our carbon footprint is as small as possible.  Our beachside base is also a solar power station with our excess solar power being sold back to the grid, we produce solar hot water as well.

Although our gardens are not huge we manage to produce plenty of our own fruit and veggies.  Tropical fruits include bananas, pineapples, passionfruit, pawpaw and Jackfruit for those who have a real taste for the tropics.  Our seasonal garden veggies and herbs are a regular part of our trip meals when we are out on the water.  Our backyard hens are always keen to tidy up our garden scraps as long as our red-hot bonnet chillies are not included. 

As with most regional businesses our policy is to shop and support our local community, which is easy to do as we have such great local produce.  Trying to keep our shopping miles down is pretty easy in this part of the country.  As easy as hopping on the scooter to visit the local market!!

Whilst out on the islands we feel like we are in our own backyard as we are undoubtedly the most regular visitors to many of these unspoilt beaches.  This means that we work very closely with both National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in helping to preserve and protect these beautiful places.

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