Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be experienced?

No, you don't need to have any experience of paddling or sea kayaking our guides are fully qualified to instruct you in all the basic paddling strokes and are there to help teach you all the skills you need. Sea kayaking is pretty easy though.

How many people join your trips?

We offer trips that have minimal ecological impact on the places we visit. We therefore restrict the group size to twelve, however most trips depart with between 5 and 8 participants. Two guides accompany our trips and by travelling in small groups we have a better appreciation and understanding of the natural environment.

How fit do I have to be?

You don't have to be an athlete to join our sea kayaking trips; anyone who enjoys some regular exercise can do it. We do however; encourage a reasonable level of fitness, as we find this will add to your enjoyment of the trip. But, don't worry, many people with a desk job, join us too!

What marine life will we see when paddling?

Whilst paddling we may see dolphins along the coast of the islands and turtles relaxing and resting on the surface. When we paddle over the fringing reef we often see rays and other fish. Dugongs do frequent the local waters but they are very shy and are only seen on occasion. Not only will we see plenty of marine life but also many species of birds, including the Fish Eagle and the Sooty Oystercatcher. During the months of July, August & September we are sometimes lucky enough to encounter the superb humpback whales that immigrate annually to these northern waters.

What are the guides like?

Coral Sea Kayaking is a small company and the owners accompany nearly all trips, we have lived in North Queensland for over twenty years and have a great love and knowledge of both the rainforest and reef. All our guides are experienced adventure guides and enjoy sharing the wealth of information they have about the region's natural and cultural history. Not only are they all excellent company, but they are marvellous cooks and great entertainers as well.

What sort of meals do we get?

Being active in the fresh air can give you a healthy appetite so we ensure that plenty of fresh wholesome food is available throughout the trip. We buy all our produce locally and ensure that all meals are well balanced and served with as much fresh produce as available. Evening meals consist of three courses accompanied by complimentary wine. All our guides are expert camp cooks, but a hand is often welcomed to chop up a few fresh veggies. Special dietary requirements can easily be catered for if discussed with our office in advance.

Can I join the trip on my own?

Sure, many people join our trips on their own, our trips appeal to people who are looking for a new and adventurous way to experience nature. The small group size and the style of trip, brings people together and encourages new friendships.

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