Hinchinbrook Island 12th May 7-day paddle

Well we returned last week from our first Hinchinbrook trip of this season, great weather and lots of beautiful green sea turtles spotted along with some dolphins, great remarks again from our...read more

First 7-day Hinchinbrook Exped for this season

Well this week the weather has been just super, David and Thorpie headed for Hinchinbrook on Sunday with a rather a breezy southeasterly to start them off.  Each day the weather has got better and...read more

New video watching whales on youtube

We have just downloaded a great bit of video footage of one of our Hinchinbrook groups paddling with humpback whales last season.  They are watching a mother and calf sucking the footage gets...read more

Welcome to our shiney new website

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to our wonderful new website, I hope you like the new format and great pics we have taken whilst out on our trips paddling and camping on our stunning islands.  This new...read more

Paradise in Mission Beach

We are in paradise here in Mission Beach at the moment the beach is idyllic we headed off along the coast this afternoon for a paddle, and saw the fringing reef really clearly due to the afternoons...read more

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