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Our Expedition Cuisine

Come on a gastronomic tour of the tropics. At Coral Sea Kayaking we are strong believers in the concept that “an army marches on its stomach” and so to supplement all the exercise of paddling we pride ourselves on serving fresh, gourmet cuisine.  Provisioning good food for any multi day expedition is often a challenging task but over many years we have refined and perfected our methods and so now deliver a menu that rivals most urban restaurants. Our beach side kitchen is a dynamic workspace with wind, sand and wildlife often challenging our guides in their meal preparation but at the end of the day all the hard work is rewarded with a tasty meal served up in some of the most idyllic dining locations available.


We try our hardest to source local, organic produce for our trips as we are strong believers in supporting local food growers. Much of our tropical fruit is grown along the Cassowary Coast and so doesn’t travel far between being picked and packed in our kayaks. Buying organic produce shines through in the flavour of our food. The richness in taste of an organically grown fruit or vegetable is very evident when compared with the watery blandness of mass produced, prematurely picked and snap frozen produce that accumulates so many food miles that it should be in a frequent flyer program.  We try and buy, pack, cook and eat our food in a sustainable fashion. We often fish as we paddle and when we have a catch serve ceviche or sashimi on the beach before tucking into a delicious fish curry. It’s a very satisfying feeling sourcing seafood sustainably from the waters you are paddling on.


Often people come with dietary requirements, therefore we are more than happy to cater for this but it is essential that you let us know well in advance. 


Bon appetite and enjoy your paddle.

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